The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group offers Mission Critcal Enterprise IT expertise supporting businesses globally. We are responsive when you need us and proactive when you don't.
We are responsive when you need us and proactive when you don't.

The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group specialise in delivering the four key pillars of IT Services to our global client base. Offering Consultancy, Cloud, Communication and Support solutions, we are uniquely placed to provide a complete service wrap which fulfils all requirements in a simple but comprehensive package. Recognised as an Intel Titanium Technology Provider, Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, Solarwinds N-Able Elite Managed Service Provider and 3CX Platinum Partner we are well proven partner who provides complete peace of mind. Furthermore, with total ownership of our solutions we strive to bring competitive pricing to our enterprise offerings.

Spanning a wide range of industries including Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution and Professional Services our Client base is extremely diverse. Ranging from small single user businesses through to vast international corporations we bring the same exceptional service to all. Supporting thousands of devices and serving millions of users worldwide, we have extensive experience in high volume, mission critical workloads and our level of service reflects the trust a business places in us when they choose The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group as their technology partner.
Consultancy, Technical Services and Support
At the heart of The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group is our technical knowledge and agility. This is what we are known for and what has provided the solid foundation for the services we provide today. As Consultants to businesses of all industries and sizes, both well-known and otherwise we are well versed in having to work with multiple diverse vendors to deliver solutions within very specific requirements. Unlike many others who work on pushing clients towards a single “one size fits all” solution, we take pride in our ability to listen to their needs and to then deliver a bespoke solution which meets those completely.

Able to work in partnership with existing IT Teams and Vendors or as a single end to end service provider we can offer services ranging from individual project consultancy and management through to a fully outsourced service desk. In addition, our ATLAS Management Solution allows us to manage large numbers of devices with ease and to operate from a single pane of glass. As a result we are able to provide proactive monitoring and management on a second by second basis with our Technical Service and Support Teams automatically actioning remedial works as required. We are responsive when you need us and proactive when you don’t.
Built from the ground up using industry leading equipment from Intel, Cisco, HPE 3PAR and NetApp our bespoke, UK private cloud provides exceptional performance and reliability whilst also offering excellent value.

Specialising in bespoke private cloud services, clients can choose to utilise our shared hardware environment or to opt for a dedicated offering depending on their requirements with all services coming with a minimum 99.9% financially backed availability SLA as standard. Housed within our private PODS / Suites at leading Data Centres across the country, services can be hosted in a single location or spread across multiple data centres for greater levels of resilience. Services are currently available from with bespoke offerings available on request;
  • IP House, London Docklands.
  • Citigroup Centre, Canary Wharf.
  • The Bunker Secure Hosting, Ash.
  • Veloxserv DC1, Birmingham.
In addition to running our own Private Cloud, we are also well versed in public cloud services and can offer procurement, management and support of public cloud offerings from both Microsoft and Amazon.
Having suffered the pain points of being too reliant on third party ISP Services, in 2019 we took the decision to bring our network services in house so that we could better control our offerings.

In May of 2020, our Network AS213202 was officially born. Offering a full suite of standard ISP services including IP Transit, Last Mile Connectivity, Carrier Neutral Cellular Data and SD-WAN we are able to provide all manner of network services to our clients. Additionally, we are able to utilise our expertise to offer extremely complex, bespoke network services unifying many diverse offerings into a single, fully managed solution. Finally, for clients who require extra security we can provide our Secure Network service which provides an extra layer of protection from the outside world. In this instance, all inbound traffic is screened via our completely bespoke, Snapt Nova protection solution before being handed off to your corporate firewall.

With a 99.99% financially backed uptime guarantee, points of presence spanning the globe and partnerships with only the very best suppliers of wholesale connectivity AS213202 has the answer to your connectivity requirements.
  • UK - Telehouse North
  • UK - Equinix LD8
  • USA - 60 Hudson Street
  • UEU - NTT FRA1
  • UK - CITI Group Centre
  • UK - IP House
  • UK - The Bunker Ash
  • UK - VeloxServUK - VeloxServ
  • UK - Virtus London1
  • UK - The Bunker Newbury
  • UK - Telehouse North 2
  • UK - Telehouse East
  • UK - Telehouse West
  • UK - Telehouse South
  • EU - Equinix Paris 5
Colocation &
Data Centre Services
For clients who want to retain full ownership of their infrastructure but whom need to locate it securely, we are able to offer outstanding Colocation Services in partnership with our key UK based Data Centres. Our DwD (Data Centre within Data Centre) Colocation Services all include our basic remote hands package as standard and are housed within dedicated PODs/Suites providing additional security and management in comparison to alternative offerings.

Rack space is available at any of our DwD Facilities listed below;
  • IP House, London Docklands.
  • Citigroup Centre, Canary Wharf.
  • The Bunker Secure Hosting, Ash.
  • Veloxserv DC1, Birmingham.
Contact Us
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Birmingham Office (UK)
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